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An FCC-authorized Part 15 radio station

San Simeon, California, weather forecast

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Zebra Radio Limits Broadcast Day, Switches To 1610 KHz

Due to atmospheric interference, Zebra Radio is limiting its broadcast day and changing channels to 1610 KHz.

The new hours: 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM Monday through Sunday


Meet Jeff Shade


Jeff Shade is the main "voice" of Zebra Radio.

Jeff has spent many decades in radio. He was on-air talent at WFAN and WABC-NY, KABC, KMPC and morning drive DJ for KLIT-FM Los Angeles. Currently he works as Production Director for KKXA and KRKO radio stations in the Seattle area.

When not broadcasting, Jeff enjoys restoring classic cars and was host of the TV show, Classic Car Garage.

Jeff's knowledge of classic music is equally as extensive as his knowledge of classic cars and we here at Zebra Radio are thrilled to have him lend his vocal talents to our classic radio station.

San Simeon Coastal Activities Calendar: April


The "voice" of Zebra Radio

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